Monday, 30 April 2012

Blogger Challenge - Reflections

Thanks to Whirlsie for the 12wbt Blogger Challenges that she's posted faithfully each week!  I'm pretty much sticking to the script for this one and answering  most of Whirlsie's questions....

1. How are you feeling about the 12WBT program now that you have almost completed it?

I feel like I can't wait for the next round to start!  I'm looking forward to reflecting on what I've learned and achieved in this 12 weeks and to start re visiting the mindset lessons that I know will be reinforced in the next round of the 12wbt.  If I'm honest - and let the latent perfectionist lurking within have a voice - it will give me a chance to continue to get healthy and fit and maybe do it "better" more often this time?? 

2. Looking back on what you wrote in week 1, did you achieve all that you were hoping to?

Ha!  Snort!  That's hilarious...

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I had originally planned to lose 17 kilos and be able to run 5kms.  I must admit the weight loss goal was somewhat arbitrary, but it sounded good at the time and I know some people do lose that in one round.  My final weight loss will be around 10kg which, while not 17kg (!!), is something I'm really excited about and it represents to me 12 weeks of (mainly) making deliberate decisions to look after myself and be the best version possible of myself.

With my goal to run 5kms, well I hurt my knee on the VERY FIRST DAY of the 12wbt and have not been able to run since (although I did sneak in a run for each of the 4 and 8 week time trials.  I managed to cut my times both times, but regretted the run each time because my knee was extremely painful afterwards for several days).  My physio says my knee will take another 10 - 12 weeks to come good, so I now plan to start running in round 3!!

3. Did you find that blogging was beneficial to your 12WBT journey? Will you continue to blog once this round is over?

I have LOVED blogging and I think it has been very helpful in my "journey"....  It has kept me honest and it has provided me with a place to reflect on some of the mindset lessons I've been learning. 

But the best thing has been joining a community of bloggers - I have met some wonderful people through this blog.  I've read their blogs and been inspired and challenged.  I've had supportive, encouraging comments left which has been so uplifting - and even knowing that someone is actually reading my thoughts is just unreal! 

I will definitely keep writing this blog at the end of this round - just you try stopping me!  I'm going to do round 2 of the 12wbt, so I'm going to keep coming clean on the Wednesday weigh ins and write about the lessons I'm learning.


4. Did your exercise go according to plan or did you have to change it around compared with what you wrote in Week 1?

My exercise did change due to my knee injury, but I was able to still improve my fitness in all the categories which are included in the fitness tests each 4 weeks.  I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't run, but found that walking up hills (either on the treadmill or outside) really gets the heart rate up and helped improve my fitness.

I think I am lucky in that I really enjoy exercise.  Always have.  It's the eating that I have the trouble with......

5. How did your greatest strength help you this round? Was it as you thought it would?

I thought my greatest strength would be making a commitment to do this for the 12 weeks and to give it my best.  I made this very sincerely, very earnestly.  This has really helped at times, because I have struggled with the eating for much of this round and my little mantra of 'being a woman of my word' has helped me to refocus countless times.

My hubby, my friends and my new friends from blogging, forums and from the 30+ 12wbt crew facebook group have also been a source of strength.

6. Did the fears that you outlined in Week 1 come to pass? How/how not?

One of my fears was making a complete git of myself by failing - again.  But funnily enough, I now don't seem to care if I've made an ass of myself or not.  I do have times when I feel like I'm failing but so far I have managed to learn from these.  I reckon as long as I keep trying my best, I will reach my goals and will not fail.

7. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from this program?
I have a couple.  One is to celebrate the small wins.  So often we can be so hard on ourselves - I could spend so much time focusing on the fact that I did not lose 17 kilos that I miss out on celebrating the fact that I have lost 9.5 kilos and plan to continue that trend. 

When I acknowledge my small victories (be it saying no to something I could eat because I know it won't help my overall cause or whether it is doing my first Spin class) it really provides a positive focus, builds confidence and gives me the impetus to continue.
The second valuable lesson I've learned is to be organised.  When I am organised and know when I am going to exercise or have meals properly planned out - all goes very very nicely thanks very much.  However, when I revert to my preferred position of flying by the seat of my trousers that's when things can go pear shaped (and obviously I mean that in a very literal sense).
10. Will you be coming back for another round of the 12WBT?

Yes.  My word, yes.

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  1. That's so great! Congratulations on all you've accomplished!! Good luck for the next round! I'm still on the fence whether I join up or not. I am leaning towards 'yes' but it changes day to day!