Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wednesday = weigh in

I am stoked.  I have lost another 0.5kg this week - a week which may as well have been one big alarm bell and red flag rolled into one.  I am down 8.6 kg overall and now weigh 98.6kg.  Rapt.

Hopefully, you will have enjoyed a nice break over Easter and had a change up from normal routines.  I certainly did. 

I went away with my little fam to visit other family members and friends and just have a lovely, relaxing break.  We visited the Red Hill market (I love the Red Hill market - if you ever get the chance, have a wander there.  There are so many lovely things and clever people)... We went to a lovely traditional service at a beautiful old Presbyterian church on Easter Sunday.  We had a spot of lunch in China Town.  We visited a great uncle in hospital, friends with young kids, friends with older kids, baby cousins, uncles, grandparents - and most of our footy teams won!!  It really couldn't have been better.

I had little control over what food was available for most of the week.  And, typically, there was a fair bit of chocolate around too! 

But with a bit of planning and - dare I employ this abused cliche -  making some 'good choices',  lo and behold another bit of weight has been lost this week. 

This does my confidence no end of good and I'm looking forward to be back in charge of my food and exercise this week.

How did your Easter go?  What did you learn about yourself?


  1. Hi Janie! Seems like your round 1 2012 is going really well. And you survived Easter too, that must be a great feeling :)
    This Easter I learnt it is easier when i am not surounded by Chocolate! I stayed with my parents for a week. I still trained Sunday to Wednesday but bad food choices didn't make my body happy. Like you said in your blog, it's good to be back in charge of my lifestyle now too. My kitchen has no temptations so it's a great environment :)
    All the best for the last 3 weeks!

    1. Hi Splash, yep it's easier when we're in our own kitchens, etc... but I still need to learn to manage life and work out how to still reach my goals even when a lot of stuff is beyond my control. Alll the best to you for the next 3 weeks - looking forward to some more 'muscle' photos from your L & S!!