Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Lest we forget...

Anzac Day 07

This week I have lost 0.4kg.  All I can say is that it is better than putting on 0.4kg.  I now weigh 97.7kg and have lost a total of 9.1kg.

What a strange week I've had.  Still struggling to get back to proper eating and exercise since Easter.  And I finally had my knee properly assessed.  I have a small cartilage tear and there is also a little pocket of fluid which is making it painful.  So I'm advised not to even do walking for cardio exercise for another 10 - 12 weeks.  *shoulder slump*

I am going to have to get in the pool, on the cross trainer, rower and - depending on pain - the bike.  A bit more of a challenge.  I can do some weight bearing stuff, but not the distances and times I've been doing.    My running ambitions are now on hold until Round 3.

I also hopped on the scales last Friday to find I had put on 1.3 kg.  In two days.  I weighed 99.4kg. 

Did I respond with dignity and determination?  No I did not.

Did I resolve not to let it get me down?  No, I let it get me down.

Did I look at it impassively as an interesting blip in a woman's cycle?  No, I panicked.  I am ashamed to say that I sought solace in the Milo tin* and flirted with throwing in the towel.

* Not literally, obviously. A Milo tin is not very big.

Somehow, though, some of the principles Michelle has been trying to teach me kicked in.  I managed to cling on by my fingernails and upped my exercise.  I managed to make some good eating choices and lo and behold, that 1.3kg came off and then some.

But I am a bit chastened by my response to this challenge, that my response to putting on weight is to immediately start eating the wrong things and to wallow in self pity.  This weight loss thing is such an interesting process and obviously about much more than weight.


  1. Congrats on the loss!

    Well done for recognising what you were doing and for pulling it together! I have a similar response - something not going right --> eat, eat, eat! It's shockingly terrible, but at least we are recognising what we are doing and taking steps to make changes!

    Good luck for this week!


  2. I read comments from 12wbt'er's who have reached their goal and look at food as fuel for their bodies. I'm not there yet either.
    I still have so far to go in my mindset, even now with week 12 looming, I'm thinking about what I'm going to eat at the end of week 12, (I'm so not ready to go this alone).
    You've done and are doing so well Janie. Remember what you told me in week 1..."This is an adventure!"...It sure is and an awesome one at that. UP's and Down's, High's and Low's! But an adventure none the less and one that both you and I will be waving that flag at, when we reach the summit xx