Thursday, 19 April 2012

Payoffs, time lag, small victories & top 15%...

Twice a week during the 12wbt, we have mindset lessons from Michelle Bridges in the form of short videos or live feeds.  They always challenge me and give me something to really ponder, or indeed a good kick up the pants.

Last night's was particularly thought provoking....  Last night we were thinking about payoffs.  What are the payoffs of sticking to eating well and exercising?  Well, for me they are:
  • losing weight
  • getting fitter
  • getting strong
  • improving my mental health and strength
  • improving my long term physical health
  • having a crack at things that once made me uncomfortable
  • becoming a better role model for my kids
  • and getting to shop in 'normal' sized shops for nice clothes and looking good in them.
The payoff for staying as I was and not making any changes:
  • I get to eat what and how I want.
Hmmmmmm.  Which payoff should I go for?   I can't have both, I can only choose one....  Decisions, decisions....  What to do?  It seems ridiculous that I have ever chosen the second over the first.  So much to gain, so little to lose (obviously I'm not talking about weight here!)

So why is it so difficult?  If we logically set out the benefits and joys of being healthy and fit against the benefits and joys of being fat it would be a no brainer to pick health.  Why then does anyone choose to continue along an unhealthy path?

One of my theories in my own case is because of the time lag between being fat and reaching a healthy weight  - which I think of as a magic place with sparkly fairy dust, soft sunlight, perhaps some lovely music in the background.  There's snow and it's free to ski.  Even my hair is long and shiny there and moves in slow motion as I turn my head to the call of my beautiful well behaved children.

(Cue sound of needle scratching on vinyl...)

What was I saying?  Oh yes, I can start to make positive changes in nutrition and exercise, but because I have a lot of weight to lose, it can feel overwhelming.  I feel sometimes as if I will never get to a healthy weight.  The time between implementing healthy changes and feeling the ultimate benefit seems to be so vast that I find I can lose heart.  I can convince myself that I am getting none of the benefits of either payoff.

I guess that's where it is important to celebrate little victories, to notice small changes and to heed mindset tweaks.  I have not yet lost enough weight that lots of people are noticing, yet I do already feel the benefits of being lighter, smaller and stronger.  I've already passed a couple of milestone achievements which have given me a sense of celebration and confidence.  I guess I just need to keep my mini goals small, focus on the process of each day looking after myself and be patient. 

This was pinned on the 30+ 12wbt crew facebook page and I think it's a fantastic reminder that I am on a long term journey, there will be ups and downs, ins and outs and that I will learn a LOT of things along the way. 

But I will reach that healthy weight one day.

And as if to remind me that all is well, to remind me of the changes that I've already made and to focus me on continuing I received an email from Michelle today to say I am in the top 15% of 12wbt participants in terms of body weight lost and in fitness gains.  I am really thrilled and proud.

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