Monday, 16 April 2012

What I've learned from our dog & gratuitous puppy photos...

I have shown you our dog, Banjo, before.  He is mainly Jack Russell (we think) and to say he sucks the marrow out of life is to understate his approach to living.  Banjo is - as dogs tend to be - hopeful, positive, fun loving and just plain loving.

Recently, he injured his eye.  Eventually, he needed to have the sore eye stitched shut and had to get around in one of those plastic ruffs (like this one - this isn't Banj although it looks a bit like him) for a whole fortnight.


If you lose one eye, it changes your perspective and judgement of where things are....  If you are a dog and you have one eye stitched shut and you wear a big plastic collar - you are even more hampered because you have no idea of the space the plastic ruff takes up and you bang into stuff all the time. 

All the time.... 

But was there any whinging from the dog?  Was there any self pity?  Was there any 'I'm not going to chase the ball today because of my poor sore eye and unfashionable plastic ruff'?  Was there any lack of enthusiasm for going out walking?  Was there any lack of love and adoration for his family?  Was he snappy and snippy because he was in a bad mood?

No, there was none of that.  Because he is a dog and because he lives in the moment and because he is thankful for every bit of love, food, exercise and fun that comes his way.

I admire Banjo's character and forbearance and hope that I could emulate his patience and positivity if I were in a comparable situation.  I realise I could learn a lot from that little canine, bless him.

And here are a couple of photos of our new puppy, Archie - just because he is little and cute and not yet getting into much trouble.  He is a little Jack Russell and playmate for Banjo.  I also firmly believe he will be a partner in crime for Banjo.  But for now, we will just enjoy his utter, utter loveability.


  1. What an awesome post! If everyone could live their lives in the moment, it would be a much happier world.

    PS. Archie is a cutie! Enjoy him - they grow up so fast!

  2. We could learn so much from our dogs. Awesome post Janie.
    I am loving that little puppy..Love the name Archie