Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Big font & little happy dance...

Well, all I can say is 'YAY'.  This morning I weighed 99.1kg, having lost 1.3kg this week.  My total weight loss is now 8.1kg.  So pleased with my own self!!

Never weigh yourself while wearing shoes!
Via Pinterest

No more hiding with tiny font for me!!  I'm out and proud now!!  Getting under 100kg is a huge goal smashed - I've always found it difficult to set a weight goal and actually get to it, so having done this is wonderful and gives me lots of confidence to just keep going.

Onward and downward I say.  Next goal - 10kg lost.

Bit of a red flag week this Easter week.  Like many others, we are heading away and staying with family and friends, and getting out and about.  It will be lovely, but I will not have as much control over cooking and what food is on offer.  So it will be a great test for me to keep up my exercise (I'll take my HRM and some workout dvds with me) and to eat in small portions. 

And I have already decided to only eat small amounts of very good quality, lovely, yummy, real Fair Trade chocolate.  I do love chocolate, but find that a lot of Easter eggs are not really the nicest of chocolate anyway, so I'm going to make sure I waste my calories only on cocoa's finest!!!

{How did you go this week??  And how will you survive the choc-fest that is Easter??}


    Congrats on hitting the DD's.
    You'll have your next goal smashed in no time at all.

    I'm in denial about Easter. I really don't know how I'll cope, but I like your suggestion of a small quantity of good quality chocolate. I think I'll do that too.

    Congrats again xo

  2. Congratulations on getting under 100!!!!!!! That's awesome!!!

  3. Have just shed a few tears on your behalf. So proud xx

  4. Huge congratulations to you on cracking the 100kg mark.

    It's such a massive milestone I hope you've given yourself a reward (or is that the easter eggs :P )

    Enjoy your long weekend :)