Friday, 30 March 2012

A day in the life of the 12wbt.... part one

I thought you might like to know what a day looks like on the 12wbt.  Just how austere is it??  What horrible rabbit food are we subjected to?   What torturous exercise do we have to submit to? 

Obviously to lose weight and get fit, there is going to be some exercise involved, along with some curbing of disastrous eating habits which have contributed to the need to lose weight and get fit in the first place. 

But I would be lying if I told you I was thrilled when I first began eating according to this plan and I saw the portion sizes!  I honestly thought someone was pulling my leg.  How could I eat that tiny portion and possibly feel satisfied?  How could I not be hungry the whole time? 

Well, I don't know the answer, but I do and I'm not.  Clearly I was eating a lot more than my body needed (der, Fred).

So first up in our 'day in the life' post is brekky.  This is one of my favourite 12wbt breakfasts - home made banana bread. A great, steaming hot slab of it straight out of the microwave (why does that not sound as homey and delicious as 'out of the oven'?)

I like to save this banana bread brekky for the days I don't have to work. I get the kids organised and off to school - then make a nice hot cuppa and sit down with my banana bread and the paper and have a peaceful, leisurely, healthy breakfast.

So far, so good.

Exercise is the other main part of the 12wbt - six sessions a week.  I have a gym membership which I really enjoy, but if the weather is great, I also love to be outside.  Here is my little outside training buddy....(they won't let him into the gym).  He is always bang up for any frenzied activity of any sort.  You can tell by looking can't you?  He has that mad glint in his beady little eye.

There are lots of hills where I live and the beach and the lake, so lots of lovely places to walk and lots of hills to burn calories and lungs on.

Back home, I like to do a bit of an exercise dvd to work some other parts of the body.  I'm really trying to improve my push ups, plank and wall sit, so I have to keep at it.  The workouts in this set of dvds really work for me.

Bridges,  Michelle - Michelle Bridges Crunchtime (3 Disc Collection) Australia's favourite trainer Michelle Bridges delivers a complete, 3 disc fitness program that helps you lose weight fast and keep it off. The workouts can be structured to suit all levels of fitness and there is plenty of variety to keep you interested and active.

Snacks are also important on the 12wbt - nutritious, filling snacks that keep you going.  This is one of my favourites at the moment - a beautiful, juicy pear.  But I also love to have a Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurt. (I'm not a fan of no fat dairy products.  Hate the texture and I don't like the sweeteners that are in the yoghurts....  shudder!) 

So there's a bit of what I get up to eating and exercise wise on the 12wbt.  And so far it's working out pretty well for me! 

{Next post - lentils, chicken and clothes that are getting bigger.}

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Weekly weigh in...

Well, another .5kg off for me this week.  [slight slump of shoulders]  I have got to be a. patient, but b. honest and if I'm going to have a barry blow out every now and then, know that my subsequent weight loss will be affected. 

So, note to self:  Own it Princess and keep going.

One thing I am happy with is that I have lost weight 7 weeks in a row.  Never done that before!!

Anyhoo, I now weigh 100.4kg having lost 6.8kg. 

Pinned Image

Sunday, 25 March 2012

The half way mark...

This morning marks the start of week 7 which - if my maths serves me correctly for once - will mean that we are now in the second half of this round of the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation.

So it's a good time to have a little look back over the past 6 weeks, see what's been achieved and what changes have been made, and to reflect on what I've learned and what I have still to focus on.

Achievements can be measured in weight loss, improvements in speed, strength, endurance and flexibility, in body measurements, in skills acquired and in habits being - if not completely quashed - at least being severely reprimanded and made to sit in the naughty chair.

But for some reason, I am not focussed so much on the weight loss or fitness gains, nice as they are and as much as I wish they were a LOT more advanced along the road to my (cue operatic angel choir and softly dappled sunlight) goal.

No, the main changes have been mental - or is 'in my mind' a better way to put it??  I know I'm making healthy changes.  Milo and I have grown apart, for example, although we still bump into each other every now and then and it can be a bit awkward. 

And going to a party, as I did on Saturday, doesn't present me with that anxiety about how to avoid doing anything 'naughty'.  I just made up my mind before I went to drink soda water and not eat anything and it was surprisingly easy to follow through on. 

But even if I do have a 'barry blow out' (a phrase borrowed from the lovely Gabi Bruce who is one of Michelle's most encouraging support crew members) I know I will hop straight back on the bandwagon instead of berating myself for being hopeless and useless and continuing the poor choices for another six months and stacking on another 85,000 kilos.

I can honestly see this is a sustainable lifestyle, rather than an intervention or short term fix, and that is the major change that has happened over the past six weeks.

This is part of the blogger challenge over at Whirlsie's blog,  Nutritionally Yours.

    Thursday, 22 March 2012

    Big fat.

    Here's a sobering little diagram I came upon - and frankly I really wish I hadn't.  It shows fairly graphically what excess fat deposits can do to your body... 

    I'd call it fairly graphic, wouldn't you?

    Look at it smothering the poor, squished, internal organs.

    Look at the distorting effect on the limbs (those poor, awkward ankles).

    And around the neck and face, the lovely double chin of which I am an avid adherent (or it of me).

    It's sickening but true that my body is currently made up of 51.1% body fat (according to my whizz bang scales and though I would love to question them, I have no basis to believe them wrong although I do suspect them of being vindictive).

    Each week I'll now be taking a lot of notice of my fat percentage, as well as weight.


    Tuesday, 20 March 2012

    Wednesday 'fess up....

    Hopped on the scales this morning - after the obligatory wee and shedding of clothes - feeling a bit smug.  By my sneaky mid-week weigh on Sunday, I had lost 0.9kg and was feeling good about a decent loss this week.  So, I am now fighting the urge to be disappointed when the scales showed that since Sunday morning I had managed to put on 0.4kg and my total weight loss for the week was 0.5kg

    I know....  I know that 0.5kg is a good loss and well within what is recommended as sustainable weight loss.

    But, you know, I'm impatient.  I want to be a lot less very very quickly.  If there was a good weight loss fairy, I'd be happy for her to wave her magic little wand and just reduce me to healthy size in the blink of an eye.

    Apparently, there's no such thing as a good weight loss fairy because I would have found her if there was.  So it's back to plodding along with my good eating and my good exercising and remembering that I am fitter, stronger, smaller and a little bit more confident generally than I was 51/2 weeks ago.  I must remember that I have already lost 6.3kg and now weigh 100.9kg.

    Who knows, I may even be in normal sized font next week to celebrate a big milestone.....  but I won't predict, preempt or jinx it - I will learn to be happy eating well and exercising well and take the weight loss as and when it comes.  (sigh...)

    Pinned Image

    Sunday, 18 March 2012

    What does health mean to me?

    As you know, I'm participating in Whirlsie's blogger challenge which this week is on the topic of what health means to me.  What a massive topic!!  What does health mean to me??

    Believe it or not, I'm not getting any younger.  Some of you might be - and I do know there are a raft of procedures and cosmetics I could avail myself of in order to appear younger - but no, I have to call  a spade, a spade (and a pig dog, a pig dog) and admit I am definitely getting older. 

    And with my advanced age (44 when I last counted) I have started to take notice of the whole concept of 'health' - something I never ever considered when I was an immortal and invincible young person in my late 30s.  Yes, it took me that long to realise I was ageing.  Ah blissful ignorance! 

    Back then health was related to a cold or flu, something that might interrupt my week, but would not have any lasting effect on my life.  Health was definitely something I took for granted.

    Now, though, I will look at elderly people and I see that their circumstances are so reduced because of their ill health.  For example, they might not be able to walk properly so are reduced to very slow shuffling.  Imagine not being able to get around to where you want to go, when you want to go....  How frustrating.  How demoralising.  How  utterly diminishing. 

    Or ill health might mean that a person can no longer live in their own home and might need to live in an aged care facility, their whole life reduced to one room where they can no longer cook for themselves, or entertain their friends, or nick out to the shops to meet a friend for coffee.  They have to wait for someone else to provide their meals, or for friends or relatives to take them for outings.

    Loss of health therefore, to me, means a loss of freedom

    So for me health is now something to be aware of, to cherish, to nourish and support.  I need to find ways to encourage and improve my physical and mental health and stop doing things that will be detrimental to my health. 

    In my current context, health is about losing weight and getting fit, about reducing the risk factors for horrible diseases in my future and fully appreciating and loving my mobility, independence and freedom.   

    In one word, then, what does health mean to me? Everything. 

    And here's a little health related joke for you, just because I am a pinterest tragic and because it made me laugh, which is good for anyone's health. 

    LOl so bad...

    Tuesday, 13 March 2012

    Weigh in day...

    Weighing oh my

    Weight update.....

    This week I lost 0.7 kg.

    I now weigh 101.4 kg and have lost a total of 5.8kg. I'm very pleased with my bad self.

    Monday, 12 March 2012

    Guess what?? An email from Michelle...

    Source: flickr via Pinterest

    I am so chuffed right now - I feel just like this gorgeous little person on the left.

    Just opened my emails to find one from Michelle Bridges (personally typed by her I am sure!!) to let me know I am in the top 15% of those doing this round of the 12wbt as far as percentage weight loss goes. 

    It went on to say, that's great but don't slack off now.

    I have no intention of doing that.

    Friday, 9 March 2012

    A little reminder.....

    Woman of my word woman of my word, woman of my word, woman of my word, woman of my word, woman of my word, woman of my word, woman of my word woman of my word, woman of my word, woman of my word, woman of my word, woman of my word woman of my word, woman of my word, woman of my word, woman of my word, woman of my word woman of my word, woman of my word, woman of my word, woman of my word, woman of my word woman of my word, woman of my word.

    Commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment, commitment,

    Integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, intetrigy, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, intetrigy, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, intetrigy, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, ingetrigy, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, integrity, ingetrigy, integrity.

    Here endeth the lesson.  Amen.

    Wednesday, 7 March 2012

    Mini milestone: Spin class

    During week 4 of the 12wbt, we do a mini milestone - something that we've not done before, that might make us a bit nervous with anticipation, a small achievement....  It is intended as something of a celebration for coming this far. 

    The sort of celebration that does not include cake.  Or alcohol.  Or chocolate.

    Originally, I wanted to run 5km for my mini milestone - but my knee is not going to allow that, so I decided to do a Spin class to mark week 4. 

    For some reason I have been a bit nervous of doing a Spin class (which is a class done entirely on a bike, involving hills, sprints, and a lot of lung and legwork).  I thought it might hurt too much, if I'm honest, and I don't just mean having to sit for an extended time on those ridiculously uncomfortable bike saddles. 

    I lined up this morning and found that the lovely Andy was the instructor.  Andy is always helpful and interested in what people are doing.  He'll walk past as you're straining in the gym with those last two reps of a heavy* weight - when your face is screwed up in contorted pain - and say cheerfully, "That's the face!  That's the look we want!" 

    *heavy is a relative term

    During this morning's class, he also came up with this gem - and I quote..."Outside our comfort zone" - as we wound up the resistance on the bike -  "outside the comfort zone, " - as we pedalled faster and faster* -  "is where the fun begins.  And by fun, I mean.... not really fun.  I mean pain."

    *faster and faster is also a relative term 

    Andy with his game face on
    I was also lucky to meet up with Kellie going into the class.  Kellie is a member of the Warrnambool and Surrounds 12wbt Crew and, having successfully lost weight and become extremely fit on a previous 12wbt round, she is something of a role model to me....  I haven't told her that yet!  She's back this 12wbt round training for the half marathon, keeping fit and maintaining her weight.  Awesome.

    So I was so glad to find her there and get some tips about how to survive the class.

    Kellie making it look easy

    And here I am, feeling pretty pleased with myself after finishing my mini milestone.  I thought my built in padding would help with the discomfort of the seat, but alas, it did not.  But I think I'll be doing more Spin classes anyway.... perhaps.

    Tuesday, 6 March 2012

    Weigh in Wednesday is here again....

    Jo-Anne Alvin, via Pinterest

    Time for a little update. 

    In fact, I think I should do this each Wednesday come what may on the scales.  This week it's been 'go what may' on the scales with 1.2kg gone. 

    My total weight loss is now 5.1kg and my current weight is now at 102.1kg.  Small font for you, my friend.

    Have had a great week with the exercise and really feel that I am getting stronger and fitter.  I will do a fitness test this weekend and revisit my fitness indicators from a month ago.  I'm looking forward to seeing what has improved.

    Must confess, I have had trouble curbing my picking at food at different times this week.  I know this is a downfall area for me, so I commit to making every every effort not to do it this week.  Obviously, I still lost weight, so my rough calculations of the calories I 'picked' must have been reasonably accurate.  But that's not the point!  I DO NOT WANT TO PICK/SNACK/SNEAK food in a way that is unhealthy and - well - a bit dumb.  So, I commit to not.

    Monday, 5 March 2012

    Baby steps, small changes.....

    Baby steps. Baby steps.

    I have noticed a few small changes over the past three and a bit weeks that I'm pretty happy about.

    Actually that I'm really happy about.  I'm a little bit amazed, to be brutally honest.

    1.  I'm not constantly thinking I will do something about my weight tomorrow.

    2. I'm not constantly despairing at the amount of weight I have to lose.  Not constantly....

    3. I am enjoying having a bit more purpose with my exercise.

    4. The milo tin does not hold nearly the same appeal for me.

    go confidently in the directions of your dreams...
    How have these things changed, be it in an ever so tiny  and not-always-entirely-consistently type of way, in just a few short weeks? 

    There's every sign that I will continue to eat well, exercise well and keep moving towards my goals. 

    For some reason, this amazes me. 

    I have never ever embarked on an overhaul like this with any real anticipation of being 'successful'.

    But at this stage, I am gaining confidence that if I continue with my baby steps and small changes, I will actually DO THIS!!!


    Friday, 2 March 2012

    Blogger challenge 3..... Rewards

    Whirlsie's blogger challenge this week is to think about rewards we might give ourselves for our successes along the weightloss way.....

    Now, this may sound like I'm a big girly swot (and - let's be honest - I am) but I can honestly say that feeling stronger, smaller and in control of myself are reward enough so far. 


    Pinned Image

    While they would be lovely, I don't need a massage, or pedicure or lovely relaxing bath to tell me I'm doing a great job. 

    I am sitting here in jeans that are fitting better and a t-shirt that somehow seems bigger.....  And that, my friends, is a fantastic feeling.  Small reward right there.

    I did Michelle's Super Saturday Session (SSS) gym program this morning.  'Twas a 'metabolic conditioning' workout which meant I did over 80 each of wobbly pushups, weights lunges, step ups, tri dips, etc, etc, etc in four rounds of a total body circuit....  It was fantastic, despite the silent screams of 'damn you Michelle Bridges, damn you to heeeeeeeeeellll' which punctuated a lot of my session.

    It was open day at the gym with lots of classes for people to try out.  Coming out of the gym I ran into my sister in law who was waiting to try the new Les Mills offering -CX Workx.  I thought, why not give it a go?  And I did that class too.  The rewards?  Not only did I manage to struggle through all of Michelle's SSS workout, but I also participated in a fantastic new core workout.  Just the fact I was able - and keen - to do these is a reward to me.
    Pinned Image
    from Pinterest
    So i'm sitting here on a rainy Saturday arvo with hubby having a snooze, the kids quietly and moronically bickering in the background knowing I have had a fantastic workout.  I'm not heading for the pantry every five seconds wondering how I can justify an incursion into the Milo tin.  These things make me proud of myself, and that is a reward too.

    Obviously as I get thinner I will need to get new clothes - that will be fantastic.  But the reward will be the needing of said new clothes, rather than the getting of them.

    That said, I must admit I am looking forward to giving the plastic card an absolute flogging when that time comes!