Monday, 12 March 2012

Guess what?? An email from Michelle...

Source: flickr via Pinterest

I am so chuffed right now - I feel just like this gorgeous little person on the left.

Just opened my emails to find one from Michelle Bridges (personally typed by her I am sure!!) to let me know I am in the top 15% of those doing this round of the 12wbt as far as percentage weight loss goes. 

It went on to say, that's great but don't slack off now.

I have no intention of doing that.


  1. *insert slightly crazed round of applause right here*
    YOU GO GIRL. You could WIN this thing (although I know it's not about that).

    You must be feeling so damn motivated right about now???

    YAY. I'm having the best day ever just after reading this. xxx

    1. Love that you're slightly crazed.... i've had my suspicions!!

      Yes, it was a real shot in the arm, but I just need to keep going and that has always been the thing I'm worried about. Will I be able to? yada yada... but I'll just try to keep going and see what happens!

  2. WOOHOO, that's awesome! Well done
    You're a champ in the making my sweet

    1. Thank you, lovely! Just have to keep on going. Did you storm up that hill with the baby on the school run today??