Sunday, 25 March 2012

The half way mark...

This morning marks the start of week 7 which - if my maths serves me correctly for once - will mean that we are now in the second half of this round of the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation.

So it's a good time to have a little look back over the past 6 weeks, see what's been achieved and what changes have been made, and to reflect on what I've learned and what I have still to focus on.

Achievements can be measured in weight loss, improvements in speed, strength, endurance and flexibility, in body measurements, in skills acquired and in habits being - if not completely quashed - at least being severely reprimanded and made to sit in the naughty chair.

But for some reason, I am not focussed so much on the weight loss or fitness gains, nice as they are and as much as I wish they were a LOT more advanced along the road to my (cue operatic angel choir and softly dappled sunlight) goal.

No, the main changes have been mental - or is 'in my mind' a better way to put it??  I know I'm making healthy changes.  Milo and I have grown apart, for example, although we still bump into each other every now and then and it can be a bit awkward. 

And going to a party, as I did on Saturday, doesn't present me with that anxiety about how to avoid doing anything 'naughty'.  I just made up my mind before I went to drink soda water and not eat anything and it was surprisingly easy to follow through on. 

But even if I do have a 'barry blow out' (a phrase borrowed from the lovely Gabi Bruce who is one of Michelle's most encouraging support crew members) I know I will hop straight back on the bandwagon instead of berating myself for being hopeless and useless and continuing the poor choices for another six months and stacking on another 85,000 kilos.

I can honestly see this is a sustainable lifestyle, rather than an intervention or short term fix, and that is the major change that has happened over the past six weeks.

This is part of the blogger challenge over at Whirlsie's blog,  Nutritionally Yours.


    1. *like*. You got it Janie.
      Is it time for a new hairstyle now that you and this Milo bloke have called it quits? Hope you didn't sign a pre-nup!

      Thanks for the giggle :)

    2. Great attitude!!! Keep up the awesome work!


    3. Oh no! You and Milo have grown apart??? *sob* Sounds like my relationship with Lollies. Oh how I love them and miss them, but I don't tend to need them anymore. And they cerntainly don't swan-dive into my trolley at the supermarket nowadays!

      Good job on developing that sustainable lifestyle. What a great mind-shift!

      1. Well great job for weaning off lollies!! lol re: the swandive into the trolley.