Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Weekly weigh in...

Well, another .5kg off for me this week.  [slight slump of shoulders]  I have got to be a. patient, but b. honest and if I'm going to have a barry blow out every now and then, know that my subsequent weight loss will be affected. 

So, note to self:  Own it Princess and keep going.

One thing I am happy with is that I have lost weight 7 weeks in a row.  Never done that before!!

Anyhoo, I now weigh 100.4kg having lost 6.8kg. 

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  1. 7 weeks of losses! Isn't it wonderful to finally find the right way to lose weight.
    Your doing an awesome job Janie x

    1. Thanks Linnijane - yep i can keep this going! How did you and Bertie go this week?

  2. YOU my friend, are amazing! To have had a Barry, jumped back to it and STILL lost half a kilo is a brilliant effort.

    There's so many chicks out there that have one little blow out and that's it the towel gets thrown, but you;re so much stronger than that.

    Can you tell Barry to take a hike this week? I wanna see big text!!!

    1. Um can i tell you your comment has made me have a little teary moment? (in a good way). You know, I AM doing a great job and I have the friendship and encouragement of a woman who has REACHED HER GOAL, along with people like LJ above who is powering on despite a foot in what can only be described as a hideous moon booty type arrangement.

      Barry and Milo are history. I am determined to have big font next week.