Friday, 2 March 2012

Blogger challenge 3..... Rewards

Whirlsie's blogger challenge this week is to think about rewards we might give ourselves for our successes along the weightloss way.....

Now, this may sound like I'm a big girly swot (and - let's be honest - I am) but I can honestly say that feeling stronger, smaller and in control of myself are reward enough so far. 


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While they would be lovely, I don't need a massage, or pedicure or lovely relaxing bath to tell me I'm doing a great job. 

I am sitting here in jeans that are fitting better and a t-shirt that somehow seems bigger.....  And that, my friends, is a fantastic feeling.  Small reward right there.

I did Michelle's Super Saturday Session (SSS) gym program this morning.  'Twas a 'metabolic conditioning' workout which meant I did over 80 each of wobbly pushups, weights lunges, step ups, tri dips, etc, etc, etc in four rounds of a total body circuit....  It was fantastic, despite the silent screams of 'damn you Michelle Bridges, damn you to heeeeeeeeeellll' which punctuated a lot of my session.

It was open day at the gym with lots of classes for people to try out.  Coming out of the gym I ran into my sister in law who was waiting to try the new Les Mills offering -CX Workx.  I thought, why not give it a go?  And I did that class too.  The rewards?  Not only did I manage to struggle through all of Michelle's SSS workout, but I also participated in a fantastic new core workout.  Just the fact I was able - and keen - to do these is a reward to me.
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So i'm sitting here on a rainy Saturday arvo with hubby having a snooze, the kids quietly and moronically bickering in the background knowing I have had a fantastic workout.  I'm not heading for the pantry every five seconds wondering how I can justify an incursion into the Milo tin.  These things make me proud of myself, and that is a reward too.

Obviously as I get thinner I will need to get new clothes - that will be fantastic.  But the reward will be the needing of said new clothes, rather than the getting of them.

That said, I must admit I am looking forward to giving the plastic card an absolute flogging when that time comes!


  1. And don't it feel good girl?????
    Snaps to you and your tribute to the 20's workout (it sucked, but oh so good), you trying the new Les Mills thingy, and well, for just getting it. It's SOOOOO refreshing to "meet" like-minded people who have the guts to make the change - and accept the sacrifices that come with it.
    Have a great week gorgeous Janie xx

    1. Thank you Raelene, i think the most surprising thing was that I wasn't heading for that milo tin/pantry/biscuit tin every five minutes.... I'm so thrilled that I'm not doing that. But mate, I can hardly walk after that tribute to the 20s!!

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