Monday, 5 March 2012

Baby steps, small changes.....

Baby steps. Baby steps.

I have noticed a few small changes over the past three and a bit weeks that I'm pretty happy about.

Actually that I'm really happy about.  I'm a little bit amazed, to be brutally honest.

1.  I'm not constantly thinking I will do something about my weight tomorrow.

2. I'm not constantly despairing at the amount of weight I have to lose.  Not constantly....

3. I am enjoying having a bit more purpose with my exercise.

4. The milo tin does not hold nearly the same appeal for me.

go confidently in the directions of your dreams...
How have these things changed, be it in an ever so tiny  and not-always-entirely-consistently type of way, in just a few short weeks? 

There's every sign that I will continue to eat well, exercise well and keep moving towards my goals. 

For some reason, this amazes me. 

I have never ever embarked on an overhaul like this with any real anticipation of being 'successful'.

But at this stage, I am gaining confidence that if I continue with my baby steps and small changes, I will actually DO THIS!!!



  1. Isn't it a wonderful feeling, knowing that you actually can do it?? I agree so much with everything you've written here.

    1. Hi Linnijane, just wrote on your forum post - it is a wonderful feeling, although I am worried it will all go pear shaped at any minute. hmmmmm. Hope you have a better and better day.

  2. It's amazing what baby steps can achieve is'nt it? Sounds like you are doing great - well done!

  3. Good for you Janie! Brilliant :D

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