Thursday, 5 April 2012

Why 'One Life'?

I want to share why I called my blog 'One Life'.

When I went to register the name - which was meaningful to me and, I felt, quite natty - I found that I was not that original.  There were about a million other blogs called 'One Life' already in existence.  It meant I ended up with the poorly thought through janie-d for my URL which really doesn't really strike me as that significant or convey anywhere near the meaning that I'd hoped for!!

Anyway, why did I call my page 'One Life'?  I have a lovely friend who I will call B.  She is sunny, energetic, confident, brave, hospitable, cheeky, game, intelligent, unsentimental, and accomplished to name a few of her character traits. 

B lives with her hubby and four kids in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast on 10 acres of hilly, rainforesty land.  She runs her own business. She invests.  She makes people feel at home at her place.  She usually has several projects on the go at any given time - landscaping, restoring something, travelling somewhere....

To the best of my knowledge, B has never sat on the couch with a tin of Milo and a soup spoon to hand.  She is a healthy, fit, slim and active.  She is positive and a woman of action.  I'm thankful she is my friend.
My family were visiting B and her family last year, enjoying a break from winter in Victoria.  At one point I said to B that I didn't know where she got her energy and drive to do all the things she does and to keep planning to do more.

Typically low key, she just said, 'well you only get one life, dont you?'

It really got me thinking:  it's true.  You do only get one life, why wouldn't you pack everything into it that you can have a crack at and why would you waste it with regrets or fear or anger or inaction?

I decided there and then to do something about my weight and my fitness which I feel has been an impediment to me getting on and doing other things I want to do.  While it was another five months before I was completely ready to start my 'journey' - that one little throwaway comment started the ball rolling.

{Thank you B.  Better go and let her know I'm writing this blog, losing this weight and thank her for her input and impact on the process.}

View from Mt Coolum after a fantastic climb by B's family and ours.

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