Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Weighing & what went 'wong'?

What went wong?  Wong? 

Well, I just liked the alliteration - and my love of language and words extends to different accents and even how different 'speech impediments', like a lisp, sound....

Consider the following - to be read in the hushed  and reverential tones of a posh, yet almost accent-neutral, BBC commentator.  Perhaps on the day of a royal wedding:

"And awwiving now at the Abbey, Lord Fwederick Fothewingham, 9th Earl of Wochester....  Lord Fothewingham is accompanied by his wife, Lady Woberta, elegant in her Philip Tweacy hat and understated Victowia Beckham fwock.  Lord and Lady Fothewingham are now moving into their pew in the Abbey, stopping bwiefly to gweet the Pwime Minister and to chat with sevewal of their fellow guests."

Royal Wedding

A little 'digwession' there, all in an effort to explain my heading.  Good grief.

Anyhoo it's weigh in Wednesday again and I have lost another 0.5kg. I now weigh 98.1kg and have lost 9.1kg since the start of this round of the 12wbtIs this good?  Or did something go 'wong'?  (It was laboured, but I got there in the end).

 I'm oscillating between disappointment and feeling happy with my achievement. 

  • bit sad that I have had trouble getting back on track after negotiating a week of Easter eggs and eating out.
  • Milo and I had a bit of a reunion this week.  I know, I know.  You should never go back.  But it's familiar and easy and I like it, god damn it!  It did leave me with a bit of self loathing to be honest.... and even Milo said it left him feeling a bit depleted (little joke there for you.  depleted... ha ha ha).  But I know in my heart we're not meant to be close.
  • feel like I have missed an opportunity to lose more weight.  As someone who's got a lot to lose, I am often quite impatient for the weight to be gone and so I kick myself if I don't lose weight more quickly than I think I should...
Happiness regarding achievement:
  • I have lost weight 10 weeks in a row.  That is a great feeling for me.  That tells me I have continued to try and be consistent with this program and that I have not thrown in the towel at any time.  It also tells me it is sustainable and is being absorbed into just being part of my/our lifestyle.
  • I have lost another 0.5kg.  But I have also moved below the 50% mark as far as body fat goes.  First time I've gone under 50%.   (By the way, can that be true?  Is half of my person made up of fat????  That is very unsettling.  Oh well, slightly less than half now).
  • My mind is a lot stronger than it has been in the past.  Any slight setback would have me giving up completely and putting on more weight.  Something has clicked in my mind and I don't think like that anymore.  For someone who is reasonably intelligent, I can't believe how dumb my thinking has been at times.
  • I have been to pump and trained on the x trainer this morning, so feeling fit, active and strong.

{I've made the decision to go with feeling that this week's result is a positive and look at what I can do better in the week/s ahead.}

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