Thursday, 21 June 2012

weigh in time already....

Just a little update - lost 1.5kg this week. 

Yes, that is all well and good.  But last week I put on 1.3kg, so since the start of Round 2, I have lost 0.6kg.  I would like to be losing weight a little quicker than that!!

So, time to put my JFDI* on and stop going up and down within the same 2 kilo bracket as I have been doing for the last 6 weeks.  I don't quite know why, but I have found it really hard to get back into the mindset that I had going on for the majority of Round 1. 

*JFDI is 12wbt speak for going into robot mode and just getting on with what needs to be done.  I have to admit I have not always been a fan of this little acronym and I have thought it a bit jingoistic in the past.  BUT there are times, my dear reader, when it speaks very clearly to me.  This is one of those times. (By the way, I am sure you can work out what JFDI stands for.)

Here is what I am going to do:
  • revisit my goal and ask myself if that is really what I want and if I am truly prepared to do the work it takes to achieve that goal.
  • revisit my commitment to achieving that goal
  • keep an eye on my excuses, some of which I am finding are still on high rotation and are, frankly, very convincing (well, they're tricking me anyway).

weighing scale


  1. Hey there gorgeous...
    A loss is a loss. Take it and run. Fast.

    Can you believe that we're a quarter of the way through this round? I think I understand why so many people back it up round after round after round.

    Am planning a work roadtrip down your way next month...would lurve to catch up :)

  2. Well done huni.
    I've been struggling to find my mojo in this round too. I think maybe I shouldn't have stopped, just continued on. xx

    1. Yes,I think if I find my mojo again I will never let it go! Hope your run goes well tomorrow. Fingers crossed.x