Friday, 29 June 2012

the highs and the hard yards.........



This week I had such a fantastic surprise.  This blog - yep, this little ol' blog - was nominated and chosen as one of the 10 blogs of Round 2 for the 12wbt...  I am beyond chuffed.


I am chuffed on so many levels! 

One - because of the lovely people that nominated One Life (and their beautiful words in doing so). 

Two - because I'm in company with some fantastic other blogs (for example, have you checked out 'Fit & Happy, Not Fat & Hippy'?)

And three -because for me blogging was one of my goals when I first started the 12wbt.  I had always wanted to blog, but didn't really have the guts to get cracking with it.  Well, the 12wbt made me examine all my goals (not just health and fitness goals) and so I started One Life as a tool for my own accountability and an outlet for what I love to do.  Having readers has been a bonus.  Having comments left has been a bonus.  Being nominated for this recognition is amazing. 

{Thank you Mish and crew.}

But after the highs, I'm afraid I have to report on the lows.  This week I put on 1.1kg.  That's right.  Put that amount of weight on in one week.  I'm always astonished at how fast I can stack it on.

I cannot begin to explain what is going on in my head.  But I know I have been focusing on the wrong things.  I have been focusing on weight, on numbers, on how I can get those numbers down.  And when I do this, it's like I go into some mode that is intent on countering any effort to reach those lower numbers.

So I had to stop and have an honest re-assessment of my goals.  And what I found, when I asked myself, was that I want to be lighter and weigh less but without really giving up the crazy eating.  

"Self." I said sternly, yet kindly. "Self, do you really want to stop eating Milo with a soup spoon*?"  "No." Came my eventual reply.
"Well, then, Self."  I continued.  "Is it any wonder that our weight has been going up and down on much the same spot for the past 7 weeks?"
Again my response, sotto voce, was, "no."

*Milo with a soup spoon is my code for all the poor eating I do whether it be Milo with said cutlery, or too much butter on toast, or picking at stuff while I'm cooking such that I basically eat a meal's worth prior to eating the actual meal....

So my revised goal for the rest of this round is to eat well, train hard and see what happens to my weight, to not try too hard and certainly not to focus on a particular amount of weight that needs to come off each week.  I am committed to really cleaning up my eating and to make the right choices.  How am I going to attain this goal?

  • by stopping every time I feel like picking something.  I have decided to keep a little journal with me in the kitchen and write down every time I feel like eating something
  • by being really HONEST with myself about what I am thinking and eating
  • by concentrating on looking after myself and doing what is good for myself (rather than looking at the numbers on the scales and saying, oh i need to lose 1.8kg this week to keep up...)
  • by celebrating small victories
  • and by jfdi with training.



  1. Of course your blog was nominated AND included in the short list. It's brilliant, witty, real and a damn good read. Go you good thing xx

  2. Congratulations on the nomination! I know I love reading your blog!!