Friday, 15 June 2012

Week 2 Blogger Challenge - Exercise

Thanks to Jayne for the Blogger Challenge this round.....  Click here to see this week's responses.

Ah, exercise. 
Or training as Michelle Bridges calls it.  (I love that.... makes me feel like an ath-a-loit!)

Me and Usain - fine examples of training athletes.  (Source:
I actually love exercise.  Always have.  Love the challenge it provides of doing a bit more, going a bit harder, pushing through a bit of discomfort.  If weight loss were about exercise, I would be a healthy weight and have no trouble keeping there.

Now this is not to say that I am super fit or anything -- just to say that I struggle more with the food side of things.  Which is a shame really, given that weight management is governed approximately 80% by nutrition and only 20% by exercise! 

I like to mix up my exercise, but I mainly go to the gym.  I have recently started Pump classes and I really like the challenge of inreasing my weights and getting stronger generally.  I have a knee injury which means I can't run and I am also restricted about walking, so I like to go on the rower, bike and cross trainers at the gym which means I can get my heart rate right up and get a good work out for the old heart and lungs.  I also have some exercise DVDs which I do on days I don't get to the gym and the dogs are also always grateful for any extra walks they might get to go on.  Love that incidental exercise.

Having kids, and trying to encourage them to be healthy and to incorporate exercise as part of their life, we try to exercise with them too.  This might be a walk along our local beach boardwalk (which, I must confess usually finishes with a hot choc at the breakwater cafe!) or riding the recently opened rail trail.  I do love a bushwalk as well.  So there are lots of options and no excuse to be bored!

Exercise also has added wellbeing benefits in that it helps me sleep well and it helps to clear my mind for some reason!  As someone who has had depression several times - and insomnia as part of that - sleep is something I am really grateful for and I don't take it for granted.  I also often work through little problems or get good ideas while I am exercising, so that's a little added bonus.

{So let's just get out there, move a bit - move a lot if possible - give it time and see what health, weight loss and general wellbeing improvements will come our way.}


  1. Hi Jane!
    I wanted you to know that I nominated your blog this week for the blogger challenge!
    Here's my nomination fyi :)
    I'm sure there are others in your blogger world who feel the same way about your blog.

    I want to nominate my new friend Janie D's blog:
    Jane's blog is a brutally honest account of how her journey is progressing. Jane doesn't only post about her successes, she also posts about her challenges. And regardless of the challenges she is facing, she always manages to take a positive attitude at the end of her blog, and commit to making improvements in her life - things which I think encapsulate the 12wbt.
    I feel that the 12wbt isn't just about kicking goals every day of the week (although that would be awesome), in reality it's about overcoming personal challenges to things that have been holding us back in the past - and these will be difficult. The fact that Jane doesn't shy away from being brutally honest about her challenges and hurdles, but continues to look for ways to overcome them in a positive way is without a doubt, inspiring.
    Jane's blog motivates me, it keeps me connected with the real challenges that we all face, and it inspires me.
    I wanted to nominate her blog to make sure that she knows that even if she doesn't win blogger of the round, that she is making a positive impact on other people's lives.
    Good on you Jane!!

  2. Thank you so much, Lisa. I do try to be honest and sometimes I think it's just about my own setbacks. But hey, we all have them and it's what we do with them that counts. So thank you for reading, commenting and nominating! xx

  3. Hi Janie. Sounds like you've got a great plan and the fact you have a local beach boardwalk makes me slightly green with envy ;)

    1. I love our board walk - I do appreciate it and enjoy it if that helps your envy. It's not being taken for granted!