Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Motivation and other 'ation' words: the semantics of weight loss and lifestyle moderation.

This is part of Jayne's Round 2 Blogger Challenge. 

I am afraid that this heading sounds like something that belongs in a peer reviewed academic journal, but I am really trying to examine what gets us going and what keeps us going - be that in a weight loss endeavour, in training to run a half marathon or just in cleaning the oven.

My motivation to do something about my weight was fairly straight forward.  I am obese.  I was more obese (when I started my 12wbt 'journey' in February) than I am now .  Frankly, I did not like the way I looked or felt and I was also starting to be concerned that I would end up immobile and chronically ill with hypertension, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, you name it.

I love feeling fit and strong. I used to hate that feeling of getting down on the floor with the kids only to realise how hard it was to haul my massive carcass back up. I often had to lean on the furniture to manage it. It was slow and it was not graceful.

Now I can just hop up and down, no worries. I don't want to go back to feeling weak. That is why I will include resistance training as part of my life from now on.  But is this motivation?  Or is it incorporation of that behaviour into my life?

There are other 'ation' words which I have turned to in my quest for weight loss and fitness.  For example, there are things and people that fill me with inspiration.  This may be because, by their achievement, they have shown me what is possible.  For an amazing example, have a squizz at this:

Or I may be inspired because the accomplishment of someone else in circumstances so difficult puts things into context and perspective for me to say, "Pfft,  not eating too much and doing a bit more training?  Easy peasy lemon squeezy."

Via Pinterest

Then there's determination.  This helps but I have found it is not a long term thing.  For me, determination comes and determination goes as my eye catches something shiny that makes me lose focus. 

From via Pinterest

The same can be said for perspiration.  Yes, I enjoy a good workout, but it's not enough to make the total lifestyle changes that I need.  A nice warm shower...  all that perspiration is down the gurgler.  And while I know this smacks of desperation I have also tried supplication:  "Dear God, if I could just lose 30 kilos overnight, I would never ever let myself get that way again.  Amen".    Apparently God doesn't work quite like that - how mysterious. 

To paraphrase Mish, motivation is good to get you started, but it's consistency and tenacity and personal integrity that will change lifestyle and form good habits - weight loss and other health and wellbeing benefits will come as result of that.  As far as these things go -

{I'm a work in progress}


  1. Hehe, I get distracted by shiny things too. I'm a magpie lol.
    Have you done Mish's Super Shredder dvd? the pants that the girls are wearing are all shiny, I find it very distracting lol xx

  2. So much gold in this post. I love it. :)