Monday, 27 August 2012

Woman of my word...

Today is the start of Round 3, 2012, for the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation....  I am very excited to be starting another round and to see what becomes of me over the next 12 weeks (and beyond).
So here is my commitment to myself, my hubby, the beautiful women of the Warrnambool and Surrounds 12wbt crew and, of course, Michelle (with whom I exchanged a warm and personal handshake via video).

I commit to following the 12wbt program, eating clean and training hard, in order to lose weight. But I also commit to trusting the process, being consistent and not getting caught up and derailed by numbers. I commit to focusing on my thoughts - to challenge my negative thoughts and excuses and to replace them with positive ones. 
I commit to being a woman of my word.

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    1. You too Camilla - I think we both learned a lot last round which will help with this one and beyond!