Thursday, 23 August 2012


Sometimes I like to say 'right' very loudly and forcefully to myself in an effort to urge myself to get cracking on whatever needs to be done next. 

"Right", I'll say forcefully and loudly to myself, "let's get out of bed..... now."   

Five (or twenty) minutes may or may not pass.  "Right.  Let's get out of bed....  NOW."

Okay, so it works better in some situations than others.  But right now I'm using it now in the context of getting going on Round 3 of the 12wbt - as in:
Right! Round 2 might not have gone so well, but let's put that behind us and really take the bull by the horns for Round 3.

(Now the word right looks all wrong...  do you ever find if you say a word or write it over and over you start to question whether it is, in fact, right?  Or maybe it's just me....)

I'm so glad I've signed up for Round 3.  I hummed and hawed about whether to or not, but in the end, I just need the impetus of the program starting again to get me fired up and ready to lose weight again.  I just needed the 'right, let's actually, deliberately and properly do this' rev up.  (Plus I'm a runnist now of course,  so obviously I really want to do the running program.)

So bring on Round 3.  Over the next couple of days I will be redoing my goals and commitment and working out exactly what I want to achieve in the next 12 weeks, something I spectacularly avoided doing for Round 2. 

{And I have decided this will be my official mantra for round 3.}


I also had a freak fish sauce accident tonight which ended with a very sore finger, a broken nail and fish sauce all over the kitchen (that stuff is really fishy).  I know that little snippet of info doesn't really fit in with this post, but I just felt compelled to share it.  You're welcome.


  1. Yay for round 3.
    Boo for fish sauce in flight.
    Yay for calling yourself a runner.
    Boo fir me not getting down your way for work.
    Yay for your new mantra.
    Boo for me being so lame

    1. Thanks Raelene for the yays! Agree on the boo for you not getting down this way for your work, but I am definitely going to Sydney for the finale of Round 3 and will make it my business to hunt you down and see what's left of you in the flesh! And you are not lame in any sense - love your comments!

  2. RIGHT .... I love it. I think actually a thigh slap when saying the word "right" might be in order too. Adds a bit of oomph to it. We need to continue to keep tabs on each other, all our local 12wbt girls. I loved that big session we went to that you organised. I still think of how my arms felt that next week and sob! hahahaha No not really, it was an awesome feeling.

    Janie, this is your round. You own it. Just be as awesome as you can be. I've just done my commitment to myself and put it out there on my blog. Will you share yours, being that you've shared about the fish sauce and all.. ROFL.

    1. Thanks Carol - day one has gone pretty well! I will put my commitment on this blog as soon as I've worded it satisfactorily! Love the thigh slap... although I'm hearing a 'yeehaaaa' to go with that, perhaps followed by something landing in a spittoon! I think I've lost track of where were going with thhis!!