Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Weekly weigh in...

Each Wednesday is weigh in day on the 12wbt.  Get up, have a wee, lose the clothes and hop on the scales is the routine for first thing Wednesdays. 

This morning I weighed 105.5 kg which is an astounding 1.7kg reduction since last Thursday.  I had to hop on again, just to make sure I had read the scales properly.  But while it sounds like a lot to lose(considering that we have only been doing the 12wbt for 2 days) I did get my period yesterday and that always accounts for some weight loss because of how bloated and horrible I feel just before it.  But hey, I'll take that weight loss and keep working to have another loss for next Wednesday morning.

Still can't write the weight in normal size font though.....! 

I worked out some BMIs for different weights yesterday and discovered that I am going to have to lose another 21 kg before I am officially not obese anymore.  AAAAAGHGHGHG..... That was pretty sobering!!  But, instead of despairing and losing heart and being down on myself for getting into this situation in the first place, I am going to concentrate on today, being consistent with eating well and exercising, being patient and in 12 weeks time, who knows what might have happened??  In my mum's words, I'm going to 'keep my chins up' (a little fat joke there for you)!

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  1. Janie - AWESOME loss. Take that number and run with it. Can't wait to read your weekly number in HUGE text :)