Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Starting the 12 week body transformation....

Greetings!  It's day 2 of the 12 weeks and I've done me knee! Yep, went like a bull at a gate during the fitness test yesterday and pulled up gammy.....  I was really pleased with how I went in the fitness test where I came in at Intermediate fitness level - apart from the wall sit which I only managed for 18 seconds!! 

A wall sit is where you sit against a wall with your knees at right angles, back flat against the wall and see how long you can last.  I've also seen it done where you balance on one leg and hold the other leg out straight.  But that's probably not going to be me any time soon.  It measures leg strength.  From my test, it would appear I don't have any!

This is how it should be done (photo from Ola Fitness blog here).

Apart from my knee being a bit sore (I'm taking my rest day today instead of Sunday although it feels a bit early!) I have been enjoying cooking some different recipes and really thinking about what I eat.  First day's workout left me a bit stiff in a few places, but not too bad.  So I can cautiously say that I am doing this - taking baby steps - but just following the program and seeing what will become of me, as per my commitment to do just that.


  1. Oh yeah, that wall sit was pure torture! Think I invented a few new ways to swear during my test.
    Well done hitting the intermediate level :)

  2. Rdub - that's funny! Oh well, we can only improve.... We'll be doing it for 5 minutes on one leg before we know it!!