Thursday, 2 February 2012

Little Pickers Wear Big Fat Bog Ugly Harry High Pants Boring Colour Knickers.....

Greetings, just wanted to share a quick little something. 

My beloved Granny, who died when I was 17, was once quite overweight.  She took herself off to Weight Watchers and six months later had lost a lot of weight and was once again in a healthy weight range.  But you know what the biggest thing she learned from Weight Watchers was?  She said the thing she learned that made the biggest impact on her was that:   PICKING IS EATING TOO!

Who knew?  You know when you finish off something from the kids' plates?  Or try a bit of tea while you're cooking it (and another bit and another bit) or lick the bowl and eat the cookie dough when you're baking?  It's all eating......  Amazing! 

Obviously, I am being disingenuous, of course I knew this, but I always pretend that it doesn't count. So I'm making the commitment not to pick at food mindlessly, secretly or wilfully.  The prospect of wearing smaller undies is certainly a welcome one!

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