Monday, 7 May 2012

Round 1 Wrap Up...

I have officially completed Round 1 2012 for the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation. 

Twelve weeks ago I was a bit tentative, but definitely committed and up for the challenge.  I wanted to see what would happen to me over the 12 weeks. 

I got smaller, stronger and fitter.  I ate better, I slept better, I thought better of and about myself.  I made friends with people I've never met, lovely encouraging and supportive people.  I wrote a blog post at least twice a week and had over 3000 page views.  I did spin class for the first time.  I pushed myself and my kids up Tower Hill three times in a row just for the heck of it.  I did a Les Mills mini marathon of 5 fitness classes in a row. 

Just noticed how many I's are in that last paragraph.  Sound quite up myself don't I? 

But wait!  There's more...  I worked around a knee injury.  I learned that I am not to be trusted with a loaf of fresh sourdough and a slab of salted butter.  I learned to question what I was really afraid of missing out on if I said no to certain food.  I learned that weight can indeed be lost during and/or leading up to 'ttom'. 

I learned that - for me - losing weight is about so much more than weight.  I made a commitment to myself, my Matie and to Michelle and I am so glad I did and that I strove to be a woman of my word.

Here are some of the indicators of what happened to me in the past 12 weeks:

February 13 (Week 1)
May 7 (Finish)

Body fat %
107.2 kg
97.4 kg


Wall sit
18 seconds
1min 45 seconds
Push ups in one minute
28 on knees
20 on toes + 18 on knees
Abdominal strength
Level 2
Level  4

And here is a before and an after photo of sorts.... 

Please bear in mind that I have spent the past decade behind the camera or behind other people in photos in an effort to avoid photographic evidence of how enormous I was.  (That would have meant facing the fact and doing something about it). 

Last year, we took Thing 1 and Thing 2 out of school for Term 3, hooked up our camper trailer and went on a big drive around Australia.  I have just looked back through the photos of that trip thinking I'd find something there that could serve as my 'before' photo.  But no, plenty of photos of lovely scenery, interesting animals, and of my family.  A couple of me trying to hide behind my Matie or the kids - but this one of me with a snake is the only one of me only and even then I'm sharing it with a snake. 

I do have before and after photos of me in my undies - something we do for the 12wbt.  But luckily for you, I'm not game enough to pop them up here. 

Anyway, I can see some differences in my face and around my waist.  Hmmmmm.. Hopefully after Round 2 of the 12wbt the before and after photos will be much more markedly different....

The 12wbt has been a fantastic experience for me.  I am so glad I did it.  I am so glad I'm lining up for a second round too.  I will take all the things I have learned about myself and continue on in Round 2 striving to become an all round better version of myself.

So just to put it out there - my next big goal is to get out of the obese BMI range and into {merely} overweight!  That will take a loss of around 14 kgs.  That's the aim. 

{Watch this space.}


  1. Fantastic work! My jaw dropped when I read about your 5 Les Mills classes!! I'm impressed! You go girl!

    Congratulations on all you have achieved! Now let's ROCK this round together!


  2. You look absolutely fabulous miss Jane! watching and reading about your transformation is a joy. Thank you for sharing;-) ;-) watching for the next installment.... xxxx

  3. You look absolutely fabulous miss Jane! watching and reading about your transformation is a joy. Thank you for sharing;-) ;-) watching for the next installment.... xxxx

  4. You've done so well Janie, Look at you! You are awesome.
    Well done, see you in Melbourne :D

  5. Congratulations! I will be avidly following you through round 2. I too have joined (my first time). good luck!

    1. Hi Estaki, fantastic that you've joined - you have done the right thing!! I look forward to following your progress too... thanks for reading :)

  6. You look terrific, congratulations!! I've joined up for the first time and it's seeing photos like yours and others that is getting me so jazzed.

  7. Hey matey, you are a true inspiration. Well done! I will be joining you for the next round and if the results are anything near what you have achieved, I'd be wrapped!
    Just one thing about your comment on all the 'I's ... there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting yourself first for a change (apart from the fact that if you are writing about yourself it would be a bit awkward to refer to 'you', 'them' or something else!).

  8. Wow Jane you seemed to have had a GREAT Round 1 2012! And check out the push ups improvement!!! That is one strong person doing 20 pushups on their toes weighing 90kg! I wasn't that strong at that weight so I'm sending you a massive SQUEE!
    All the best for the next 12 weeks and beyond.

  9. And your before and after pics say 1000 words :)
    Congratulations again,

  10. Good on you Jane! I think you look really fit in that shot with the woman you stalked at the finale workout!! And you've got some amazing stats/results for your efforts in Round 1 too!! As someone who also moved to full push-ups, I know how bloody tough they are, and the fact that you can do so many is amazing! Apart from your awesome 10kilos, the centimetres you lost is a fantastic result too!
    Well done - love the blog! It's clearly not just your Mum who reads it! You're inspiring many people with your blog and journey! See you at the gym soon :)