Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A day in the life of the 12wbt - Part 2

I realise it's ages since I posted 'A day in the life of the 12wbt part 1', so I thought I'd finish it off with Part 2!  Just what does healthy food look like?  Is it awful? 

No, the portions are just smaller than what I was used to!

No where were we?  We had done brekky and exercised, so now to show you what lunch might look like on a typical day.  This is one I had prepared earlier and had cold for lunch this particular day. 

Lunch consisted of some mushys, lentils, cumin, yoghurt, mint, spring onions and salad..... all making up a delicious Lentil Loaf.  If lentils aren't your bag, and I know that we all have our likes and dislikes, that's perfectly okay.  Just pick something else that's around 300 calories and packed with nutrition and you'll be absolutely fine.  I happen to love lentils, so I cook this regularly.


  Tea was a chicken curry - rich, creamy, hot  - with crunchy vegies in it.  I always add lots of vegies to things I'm cooking to make sure we're all getting enough of the good stuff.  It also bulks out a dish that can look a bit tiny when you first dish it up. 


So that's what a day looks like on the 12wbt.  Focus on good, nutritious food that will help your body, do some exercise that will build your strength and fitness and sleep well knowing that you are doing what is best for your body and, with that, becoming a better version of your current self!

Oh, and PS...  while we're in the kitchen taking photos, aren't these lovely little measuring cups?  I love them!  My sisters both have a set too so I love using them knowing that they might be using theirs at the very same time.  I also have a set of measuring spoons in the matroshka style.  Very cute for cooking with...


  1. I have those dolls but as an egg timer!

    1. If I come across any more of the measuring cups or spoons Camilla, I'll get them for you! But my best kitchen friend is the digital scales so I don't overdo things!!

  2. This sister loves her cups too! And looking forward to putting them to good use in the next 12 or so weeks.
    One thing though ... all the people at the workout are slim already! A bit intimidating me thinks :-(
    Your adopted sister.

    1. Hey sista! No they were not all slim - lots of works in progress like ourselves.... And lots of people who are not overweight, but are getting fit and strong.

      First rule though - no comparisons!! We are on our own path. I met one of my heroes - Kate Mackie - and she said people now look at her as a fit slim person and they don't understand what she has achieved to be like that. So you never know when you look at someone what's been going on in their life.. Kate's blog is here - I reckon you'd like it: