Monday, 9 January 2012

Late Christmas Cheer

I know we've just had Christmas, but it's my blog and I wanted to share these with you......  maybe you can squirrel this idea away for this coming Christmas.  Plus I want to learn how to upload photos to this blog.

Anyway, these little rocky road Christmas Pudding treats were great Christmas pressies for friends and neighbours.  They look lovely and, from all reports, taste wonderful.  I had fun making them with my two (Thing 1, my girl aged 11, and Thing 2, my little man aged 9) although they were really just in it for the marshmallows and licking the bowl.  As was I.  Let's be honest.

First, you melt a family block of Cadbury's dairy milk chocolate - this is Fair Trade chocolate which I feel strongly about.  I melt it in the microwave on med power.  Then you just tip in some raspberry lollies (about 2/3 cup).

Next you tip in about 1/4 cup of granulated peanuts...  I use the cheap no brand ones, but you could chop your own, use whole peanuts, or use pistachios or not even have nuts.  It's a flexible 'recipe' - you make it to taste.

Next chop some marshmallows in half and add them (about 1 cup in total) to the lovely mix.

Once the marshmallows are mixed in, pour the mixture into a small bowl (I use a rice bowl) lined with aluminium foil, cover and bung in the fridge to set.  Once they are ready, peel off the foil and stand them up the right way.  Melt some white chocolate and once cooled off a bit, spoon over the top of the rocky roads to make it look like custard.  Then top with a remaining raspberry lolly and some green leaf shaped lollies to just finish it off.  (I usually slice green snake lollies for the leaves).  Wrapped up in some cellophane and a bit of pretty ribbon, you have a lovely little gift to share - if you should decide to give them away.

So there you have it.  Since this is primarily about my fitness overhaul I'm not advocating that these should be eaten on a regular basis, but they're fun to make and fun to give. 


  1. Wow love it my girls want e to make it now. I said a big fat no! I will eat it lol.

  2. Lol, yep that's the danger of making stuff like this! Nice to give away though!