Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Eating like a grown up.

The Nestle MILO Logo

Well, it's time to get a bit personal and own up to some foibles which are holding me back in my quest for fitness and weight loss.  One is Milo.  That's right, Milo.  Some people have sophisticated vices - red wine, for example, great cheese or european chocolate.  Not me, no.  I'm slave to drinking chocolate. 

I love a rude milo - you know where you have mainly milo and very little milk?  I also eat it out of the tin with a soup spoon.  There.  I've said it.

I remember reading a column by Michelle Bridges in the Age where she watched aghast as a meeting set up included not a plate of fruit, not even a plate of biscuits, but....  lollies.  A big bowl of them in the centre of the table.  She went on to wonder why these people were still eating like children or teenagers.  It hit a nerve with me because I wonder the same thing about myself.  Honestly, the quantity of Milo I can consume in one sitting is frightening.  I would NEVER let my children do what I do, I monitor their intake very closely - so why do I not do what is best for me?

So this is one of the things I'm going to learn to let go over the next couple of months.....  I know there are chocoholics out there, people who love their Maccas or pizza, or a lazy Tim Tam or 14 with a cup of coffee.  I know I'm not the only one, so when I find out why I'm doing this and how I can modify this behaviour, I'll be sure and let you know. 

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