Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The thief of joy.....

This is a just little friendly reminder - mainly for myself - do not compare yourself to others. 


In any situation.

During this weight loss journey I've very publicly embarked on, I have to admit that at times I have fallen into the diabolical comparison trap.....

As I wallow around the 10kg loss mark I know others who have, over the same time period, lost around 30kg.  Or I compare my up and down mindset to those who are consistently focussed and seem to be in control.   Or I look at the people in the gym and despair of ever being as fit, strong and able to wear nice gym gear as them.....

And how do I feel when I conduct these comparisons?  Is it an edifying experience for me? 

No.  I just wind up feeling inadequate, demoralised and diminished. It makes me feel like I haven't done enough, been good enough or persisted enough. 

It makes me feel like I am a bit of a failure.  It makes me think maybe losing weight just isn't for me, that maybe I'm just someone who can't do this.

In the Bible in Galatians (just googled it ) it says that we shouldn't compare ourselves to others  because we'll either be:

a. pretty pleased with ourselves and possibly become completely up ourselves; or

b. dismayed and disgruntled with our lot and our life. 

Instead, we should just do the best we can in our own unique circumstances.  Instead of comparing our achievements to others' - we should look at what is possible in our own life and our own journey, work hard and then enjoy our own achievements and victories.

Well, I'm really trying to take that no comparison mantra on board.  It's really liberating because it frees me from some of my own unealistic expectations, and allows me to celebrate my own little wins.... 

I hope you're keeping the thief of joy at bay, too - but in your own individual way ;)



  1. Janie I try not to compare either, I've long since learnt over the years of various weight loss programs that we are all different. But then look at where you excell, you are an exercise gun, you were going for it completely in that exercise session we did, I was in awe. Just go at your own pace and plot out the future and celebrate the days as you go.


    1. Thanks Carol - yep, it's soooo important to just play to your own strengths. How are you going??

  2. The thief of joy and the root of all evil :)
    There will always be someone that is 'er than us. Prettier, funnier, thinner, smarter, whatever. I guess that's why Mish preaches the whole "be the best version of yourself" mantra. Easier said than done though! And the way I've beaten it... 20 pushups for every comparative thought throughout the day!

    1. Crikey, I'm up for about 100 pushups already after just reading the fb posts on the 30+ page!! Ha ha. Maybe I should make them tricep pushups, that will really make me think twice!
      Raelene, you're wonderful! Thank you!

  3. I so needed this reminder tonight.

  4. Just popping in to remind you that YOU are Janie. No comparisons tomorrow young lady. Rejoice in the specialness (is that even a word?) of you.