Saturday, 14 July 2012

Playing catch up.....

It's school holidays here in Victoria and I want to know who the bright spark is who decided to schedule them in the darkest, coldest and wettest time of the year.  Honestly!  Thing 1 and Thing 2 are delightful children generally and I love them both so much my heart swells thinking about it.  But day after day of rain and mud and children at a loose end can strain even the most resilient of mother/child relationships!

Perhaps I should have had more children so Thing 1 and Thing 2 might have had other Things to play - or bicker, fight and run amok - with.  Damn!  Why didn't I think of that earlier?

But the upshot of the holidays has been that I have not been near the laptop.  As a one laptop family, and with children who are 'sooo booooorrrrred', it's the path of least resistance to let them have first dibs on the computer to quiet their discontent.

So I would just like to catch you up on my 12wbt comings and goings over the past week or so.  Firstly, I have lost and put on weight again.  Still hovering around my start weight.  While my exercise has been fine and I have really enjoyed making the effort to do it, you can guess where I have fallen down.....

..... yep, nutrition, food, eating, making sensible choices, planning ahead and organisation.

I have had patches of brilliance with regard to eating cleanly and mindfully.  That has buoyed me.   But I need to be consistent.

The holidays have been a wonderful excuse which I have used to its fullest extent.  Home with the kids, cooking has been an warm, inside activity we can do together.  Away for a few days with family and friends, I used the fact that I didn't have complete control over the menu to pretty much go open slather.

Are you as bored by my lack of knuckling down as I am?  I hear myself each week posting about how I'm going to turn this around, how I am going to introduce little strategies to help me.  I've waxed lyrical about how I'm going to respond to the challenges this round is throwing my way.

But the truth is I have not been a woman of my word.  I have said I would do one thing, and then I have done another.  That is not the way to live life to the fullest. 

This blog is a way for me to write and rant and get my thoughts out of the swirling mass in my head; to try, by editing and rearranging, to make some order and sense of them.  And try as I might, there is no other way to spin what is going on with me.  I am just not doing it.

A very wise woman on the 30+kilos 12wbt Facebook group asked the question today in response to another 12wbt'er having struggles with food - "What is it that you are feeding?"

I will try and work out the answer to that very pertinent question and get back to you.

If any of you have contemplated a similar problem, I'd appreciate hearing how you worked through it.


  1. I am going through similar. I am really struggling this round going up and down with my weight. Most times being very disappointed in myself. I think I may be finding my way through the storm, Its not easy.
    Stay strong, we can do this and we will xx

  2. Janie D, the path you travel is familiar to many although not so many are upfront and honest about it.
    This program is a lifestyle change, you're not expected to fall into habit immediately. If you do, then great for you - if you don't then you're like the rest of us.
    Can I suggest that you break it down a little. Make your goals more achievable.
    For example, don't promise to turn everything around and become perfect in one week. Instead, vouch to ensure that every second dinner will be 12wbt nutrition approved. Next week, do the same with lunches, and the week after breakfast. Then start again, the week after with ensuring every meal is 12wbt approved.
    Don't put so much stress on yourself to be perfect from the beginning. You are a wonderful person and you can make this work, just take your time :) xo

  3. Awww Janie, I feel the pain in your words. This has been my life long story for sure. And being out of your routine during school holidays, and as pissy the weather has been for sure, is enough to play havoc. But the thing is, you haven't given up, you are recognising and trying to fight the battle and that's a positive. I don't know what advice I can be giving you, except to go back to the very beginning, read back through your blog from day 1, read the excitement you shared with your readers, the discovery of a new you, and that may spur you on your quest again.

  4. Gorgeous girl, if it was THAT easy to make these monumental changes then the entire diet industry wouldn't exist. The reality is, it's hard. So many choices to make, and balls to juggle, and there is no magic switch that you can flick to make it easier.

    But (and isn't there always a but?) you are winning at this thing. You're not hiding from it. You're owning it. That's bloody brave if you ask me. You've got some great advice in the comments above. All I can add is a big hug and lots of love xx